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血圧産後(BP)RCTプロトコル。高血圧の妊娠後最初の12ヵ月間のフォローアップとライフスタイルの行動変容戦略 | 日本語AI翻訳でPubMed論文検索


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Pregnancy Hypertens.2020 Jul;22:1-6. S2210-7789(20)30090-8. doi: 10.1016/j.preghy.2020.07.001.Epub 2020-07-09.


Blood pressure postpartum (BP) RCT protocol: Follow-up and lifestyle behaviour change strategies in the first 12 months after hypertensive pregnancy.

  • Amanda Henry
  • Clare Arnott
  • Angela Makris
  • Gregory Davis
  • Annemarie Hennessy
  • Amanda Beech
  • Franziska Pettit
  • Caroline Se Homer
  • Maria E Craig
  • Lynne Roberts
  • Jon Hyett
  • Georgina Chambers
  • Oisin Fitzgerald
  • Megan Gow
  • Linda Mann
  • Daniel Challis
  • Marianne Gale
  • Annette Ruhotas
  • Emilee Kirwin
  • Elizabeth Denney-Wilson
  • Mark Brown
PMID: 32679537 DOI: 10.1016/j.preghy.2020.07.001.




OBJECTIVES: Women who had hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (HDP) are twice as likely to experience maternal cardiovascular disease later in life. The primary aim of this study (BP) is to compare outcomes of 3 different management strategies, including lifestyle behaviour change (LBC), in the first 12 months postpartum in women who had HDP in their preceding pregnancy. Secondary aims include assessing the effects on other cardiometabolic parameters.


オーストラリアの大都市の病院での3群多施設無作為化試験、(登録:ACTRN12618002004246)目標サンプルサイズ480人。参加者は3つのグループのいずれかに無作為に割り付けられた:1) 最適化された通常ケア:情報パッケージとかかりつけ医による産後6ヵ月間のフォローアップ 2)簡潔な介入:グループ 1 と同様の情報パッケージに加え、産科医と栄養士がいる専門クリニックでの産後 6 ヶ月の評価と簡潔な LBC カウンセリング 3) 拡張介入:グループ 2 と同様に、産後 6 ヶ月から 12 ヶ月までの 6 ヶ月の電話ベースの LBC プログラムへの登録を行う。すべての女性が12ヶ月目にアウトカム評価を受ける。

STUDY DESIGN: Three-arm multicentre randomised trial in metropolitan Australian hospitals, (registration: ACTRN12618002004246) target sample size 480. Participants are randomised to one of three groups: 1) Optimised usual care: information package and family doctor follow-up 6 months postpartum 2) Brief intervention: information package as per group 1, plus assessment and brief LBC counselling at a specialised clinic with an obstetric physician and dietitian 6 months postpartum 3) Extended intervention: as per group 2 plus enrolment into a 6 month telephone-based LBC program from 6 to 12 months postpartum. All women have an outcome assessment at 12 months.



MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Primary outcomes: (a) BP change or (b) weight change and/or waist circumference change.



SECONDARY OUTCOMES: maternal health-related quality of life, engagement and retention in LBC program, biochemical markers, vascular function testing, infant weight trajectory, incremental cost-effectiveness ratios. The study is powered to detect a 4 mmHg difference in systolic BP between groups, or a 4 kg weight loss difference/2cm waist circumference change.



CONCLUSIONS: BP will provide evidence regarding the feasibility and effectiveness of postpartum LBC interventions and structured clinical follow-up in improving cardiovascular health markers after HDP.

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