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Vet Surg.2020 Apr;49(3):540-549. doi: 10.1111/vsu.13345.Epub 2019-11-21.


A survey of criteria used to evaluate applications for small animal surgery residency positions.

  • Jeremy T Fleming
  • Michelle A Giuffrida
  • William T N Culp
  • Jeffrey J Runge
PMID: 31750551 DOI: 10.1111/vsu.13345.




OBJECTIVE: To determine attributes of applicants to small animal surgery residency programs (SRP) that are considered important, favorable, or detrimental according to surgeons at SRP registered with the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS).



STUDY DESIGN: Online survey.


ACVS に登録された SRP でレジデントとして研修を受けた外科医。

SAMPLE POPULATION: Residency-trained surgeons at ACVS-registered SRP.



METHODS: An online survey was advertised to eligible surgeons. Respondents anonymously provided information about their professional backgrounds and SRP interview practices and rated candidate attributes in terms of importance during application screening and favorable or detrimental effects during selection or ranking. Responses were compared by respondent practice setting and sex.


調査は、招待された289人の外科医のうち148人(51%)が回答した。外科医の男女比は等しく、61%が学術機関に勤務していた。ほとんどの回答者のSRPは、通常、最終的に研修医が選ばれた中から選抜された志願者グループに 対して、直接面談を行っていた。推薦状は、特に回答者が執筆者を知っている場合には、応募審査のすべての段階で最も影響力のある要素であった。その他の重要な属性としては、学業成績、インターンシップでの評判、研究活動、対人スキルの指標が挙げられました。ほぼ全ての回答者が、過去に複数回の不合格の応募があったことを有害と考えています。学術的な回答者は学業成績と学術的なインターンシップを重視し、個人開業医の回答者は応募者との個人的な接触や外科専門のインターンシップを重視していました。回答者の性別による違いはありませんでした。

RESULTS: Surveys were completed by 148 of 289 (51%) invited surgeons. Male and female surgeons were equally represented, and 61% worked in academia. Most respondents' SRP offered in-person interviews, typically to a select applicant group from whom residents were ultimately chosen. Letters of recommendation were the most influential factor in all phases of application review, particularly when respondents knew the writers. Other critical attributes were academic record, internship reputation, research activity, and indices of interpersonal skills. Nearly all respondents considered multiple prior unsuccessful applications detrimental. Academic respondents emphasized academic performance and academic internships; private practice respondents valued personal contact with applicants and surgical specialty internships. Responses did not differ by self-identified gender.


外科レジデンシープログラムの外科医は、優れた学歴、具体的なインターンシップおよび研究経験、信頼できる同僚からの支援の手紙、および強力な対人スキルを有する第 1 回目または第 2 回目の応募者を好んでいた。

CONCLUSION: Surgery residency program surgeons preferred first- or second-time applicants with excellent academic credentials, specific internship and research experiences, and letters of support from trusted colleagues as well as strong interpersonal skills.



CLINICAL IMPACT: Prospective residents can use this information to assess their candidacies, identify potential weaknesses, and prepare competitive applications.

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