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Int J Lang Commun Disord.2023 Feb;


The use and effects of whole-body exercises on swallowing function: A scoping review.

PMID: 36759960




BACKGROUND: Swallowing function can become impaired due to primary medical conditions or age-related presbyphagia, resulting in swallowing disorders, known as dysphagia. Specific manoeuvres that target different musculature have been innovated and researched, but whole-body exercises (WBE) that target multiple large groups of body systems and muscles have been rarely considered in dysphagia management, despite the causes of dysphagia being often systemic.



AIMS: To identify intervention studies that have used or incorporated WBE to target swallowing function in humans, and report on their findings.



METHODS & PROCEDURES: A scoping review was conducted given the paucity and novelty of this topic in research and practice. Key search terms were used to search five major databases on for all human studies published before 28 November 2022. Studies that were not interventional or used animal models were excluded. All swallowing and oromotor-related outcomes were extracted from the studies. Two researchers independently reviewed all search results following the PRISMA-ScR guideline before meeting to resolve any disagreements.



MAIN CONTRIBUTION: Final analysis was conducted on 11 papers that described 10 studies, with 10 papers (9 studies) reporting positive findings for swallowing or oromotor function-related outcomes. Studies ranged from randomised controlled trials to case studies in design. The study design and populations were heterogeneous, with outcome measures for swallowing and oromotor function ranging from subjective questionnaires to instrumental assessments.



CONCLUSIONS & IMPLICATIONS: Dysphagia rehabilitation that incorporates WBE as part of a comprehensive programme appears to be more beneficial than either WBE or swallowing-related interventions alone. This review is an initial attempt to systematically examine the evidence on this topic. There is a need for future research to study how WBE can be used, either alone or combined with traditional swallowing exercises, to influence swallowing function in different healthy and clinical populations.


このテーマについて既に知られていること 嚥下障害リハビリテーションは通常、頭、首、呼吸器系の嚥下筋と構造のみに焦点を当てます。全身運動(WBE)とフィットネスは舌筋の強化に関連しており、WBEの嚥下機能への転移の可能性がある。本論文が既存の知見に加えるもの このレビューでは、嚥下および/または口腔運動関連の成果を改善することを目的としたプログラムにWBEを含めることを調査した、過去10年間に行われた10の研究を発見した。研究のデザインと方法は多岐にわたったが、ほとんどの研究で、嚥下機能および/または運動関連機能を改善または維持するためにWBEを含めることを支持するエビデンスが報告されている。この研究の潜在的または実際の臨床的意義は何ですか?WBEは、従来の嚥下運動と組み合わせることで、嚥下機能に相乗効果をもたらす可能性があります。今後の臨床研究では、異なるリハビリテーションアプローチと対照群を比較する必要があります。臨床医は、嚥下障害を管理する際に、全身を使ったリハビリを提供できるアライド・ヘルス・プロフェッショナルを参加させる必要があります。

WHAT THIS PAPER ADDS: What is already known on this subject Dysphagia rehabilitation usually focuses only on the swallowing muscles and structures of the head, neck, and respiratory system. Whole-body exercise (WBE) and fitness are associated with stronger performance of the tongue muscles, there may be transference potential of WBE to swallowing function. What this paper adds to existing knowledge This review found 10 studies conducted in the last decade that investigated the inclusion of WBE in programmes intended to improve swallowing and/or oromotor-related outcomes. The studies varied widely in design and methodology, but most reported evidence in support of the inclusion of WBE to improve or maintain swallowing and/or oromotor-related functions. What are the potential or actual clinical implications of this work? There is potential for WBE to have a synergistic effect on swallowing function when combined with traditional swallowing exercises. Future clinical research should compare different rehabilitation approaches with controls. Clinicians should enlist allied health professionals who can provide whole-body rehabilitation when managing dysphagia.