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Burns.2020 May;S0305-4179(20)30349-1. doi: 10.1016/j.burns.2020.04.038.Epub 2020-05-12.

"Pomelo project" - 形成外科研修医による皮膚移植片採取のためのシンプルで低コストなシミュレータ

"Pomelo project" - A simple and low cost simulator for harvesting skin graft by plastic surgery residents.

  • Avi Adam Cohen
  • Lior Har-Shai
  • Dean Ad-El
  • Tamir Shay
PMID: 32680662 DOI: 10.1016/j.burns.2020.04.038.




BACKGROUND: Harvesting a split thickness skin graft is one of many distinctive technical skills the training plastic surgeon has to hone. Historically harvested via a manual dermatome (i.e. Humby's knife), nowadays commonly forsaken in favor of the electric dermatome. We present a low-cost, easily available teaching method, favored in our department for practicing the use of Humby's knife, and instructing novice surgeons.



METHODS: 15 plastic surgeons comprising 8 seniors and 7 residents, in a single tertiary center participated. Each used a Humby knife to mimic harvesting 4 skin grafts from a Pomelo. The grafts obtained were analyzed via image processing software and compared across sequential attempts per person as well as across groups of surgeons.



RESULTS: In the resident surgeon group, the average delta between target and harvested graft areas was 0.45, as compared with 0.15 in the Senior surgeon group, indicating lesser consistency of graft harvest in the resident group. Comparisons across groups yielded significant differences per each of the 4 grafts harvested (p ≤ 0.005).



LIMITATIONS: single center and small cohort (inherent to the sparsity of plastic surgeons), marginal statistical evidence.


柑橘類は、ハンビーのナイフの使用を指示し、練習するために有用な基板を提供することがあります。大きな果物 - それが提供するより便利なモデルは、利用可能な場所(そうでなければ大規模なグレープフルーツやオレンジでも十分でしょう)簡単な選択をしてザボン。初心者の外科医は、安全な環境でこの手順を学び、実践することから大きな利益を得ることができ、伝統的なモデル(すなわち、死体ラボ)が容易に利用できない場合(例えば、財政的または倫理的な理由から)、この単純な代替品は非常に貴重であることが証明されるかもしれません。

CONCLUSIONS: Citrus fruit may provide a useful substrate to instruct and practice the use of Humby's knife. The larger the fruit - the more convenient a model it serves, the Pomelo making an easy choice where available (otherwise large grapefruits or even oranges will suffice). Novice surgeons may greatly benefit from learning and practicing this procedure in a safe setting, and when traditional models (i.e. cadaver labs) are not readily available (e.g. for financial or ethical reasons) - this simple substitute may prove invaluable.

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