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Lancet Child Adolesc Health.2020 Jul;S2352-4642(20)30215-7. doi: 10.1016/S2352-4642(20)30215-7.Epub 2020-07-09.


Intensive care admissions of children with paediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome temporally associated with SARS-CoV-2 (PIMS-TS) in the UK: a multicentre observational study.

  • Patrick Davies
  • Claire Evans
  • Hari Krishnan Kanthimathinathan
  • Jon Lillie
  • Joseph Brierley
  • Gareth Waters
  • Mae Johnson
  • Benedict Griffiths
  • Pascale du Pré
  • Zoha Mohammad
  • Akash Deep
  • Stephen Playfor
  • Davinder Singh
  • David Inwald
  • Michelle Jardine
  • Oliver Ross
  • Nayan Shetty
  • Mark Worrall
  • Ruchi Sinha
  • Ashwani Koul
  • Elizabeth Whittaker
  • Harish Vyas
  • Barnaby R Scholefield
  • Padmanabhan Ramnarayan
PMID: 32653054 PMCID: PMC7347350. DOI: 10.1016/S2352-4642(20)30215-7.



2020年4月、英国の臨床医は、小児集中治療室(PICU)への入院を必要とする原因不明の炎症を有する小児の集団を観察した。我々は,現在,paediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome temporally associated with SARS-CoV-2(PIMS-TS)として知られているこの状態でPICUに入院した患者の臨床的特徴,経過,管理,転帰を記述することを目的とした.

BACKGROUND: In April, 2020, clinicians in the UK observed a cluster of children with unexplained inflammation requiring admission to paediatric intensive care units (PICUs). We aimed to describe the clinical characteristics, course, management, and outcomes of patients admitted to PICUs with this condition, which is now known as paediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome temporally associated with SARS-CoV-2 (PIMS-TS).


我々は、Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Healthが発表したPIMS-TSの症例定義を満たし、2020年4月1日から5月10日の間に英国のPICUに入院した小児(18歳未満)を対象とした多施設観察研究を行った。我々は、人口統計学的詳細、提示された臨床的特徴、基礎となる併存疾患、臨床検査マーカー、心エコー所見、介入、治療、転帰を含む、日常的に収集された非同定データを分析した;入手可能な場合は血清学的情報を収集した。PIMS-TSのPICU入院率を、4つの類似した炎症性疾患(川崎病、中毒性ショック症候群、血球貪食性リンパ組織球症、マクロファージ活性化症候群)のPICU入院の過去の傾向と比較しました。

METHODS: We did a multicentre observational study of children (aged <18 years), admitted to PICUs in the UK between April 1 and May 10, 2020, fulfilling the case definition of PIMS-TS published by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. We analysed routinely collected, de-identified data, including demographic details, presenting clinical features, underlying comorbidities, laboratory markers, echocardiographic findings, interventions, treatments, and outcomes; serology information was collected if available. PICU admission rates of PIMS-TS were compared with historical trends of PICU admissions for four similar inflammatory conditions (Kawasaki disease, toxic shock syndrome, haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, and macrophage activation syndrome).


英国の23のPICUのうち21で78例のPIMS-TSが報告されている。類似の炎症性疾患の過去のデータでは、PIMS-TSでは週平均14件の入院であったのに対し、週平均1件(95%CI 0-85-1-22)の入院が認められ、研究期間中は週32件の入院がピークであった。患者の年齢中央値は11歳(IQR 8~14)であった。男性患者(78人中52人[67%])と少数民族出身者(78人中61人[78%])の割合が高かった。発熱(78例中100%)、ショック(68例中87%)、腹痛(48例中62%)、嘔吐(49例中63%)、下痢(50例中64%)が一般的な症状であった。入院後4日間の縦断的データでは、C反応性蛋白質(中央値264mg/L(1日目)から96mg/L(4日目)まで)、Dダイマー(4030μg/Lから1659μg/Lまで)が連続的に減少していました。g/L)、フェリチン(1042μg/L→757μg/L)が増加し、リンパ球数は3日目までに1-0×10細胞/L以上に増加し、トロポニンは4日間で増加した(中央値157ng/mL→358ng/mL)。78例中36例(46%)が侵襲的人工呼吸を受け、65例(83%)が血管作動性輸液を必要とした;57例(73%)がステロイド、59例(76%)が免疫グロブリンの静脈内投与を受け、17例(22%)が生物学的療法を受けていた。28人(36%)に冠動脈異常のエビデンスがあった(動脈瘤18個、心エコー10個)。3人の子供が体外膜酸素療法を必要とし、2人の子供が死亡した。

FINDINGS: 78 cases of PIMS-TS were reported by 21 of 23 PICUs in the UK. Historical data for similar inflammatory conditions showed a mean of one (95% CI 0·85-1·22) admission per week, compared to an average of 14 admissions per week for PIMS-TS and a peak of 32 admissions per week during the study period. The median age of patients was 11 years (IQR 8-14). Male patients (52 [67%] of 78) and those from ethnic minority backgrounds (61 [78%] of 78) were over-represented. Fever (78 [100%] patients), shock (68 [87%]), abdominal pain (48 [62%]), vomiting (49 [63%]), and diarrhoea (50 [64%]) were common presenting features. Longitudinal data over the first 4 days of admission showed a serial reduction in C-reactive protein (from a median of 264 mg/L on day 1 to 96 mg/L on day 4), D-dimer (4030 μg/L to 1659 μg/L), and ferritin (1042 μg/L to 757 μg/L), whereas the lymphocyte count increased to more than 1·0 × 10 cells per L by day 3 and troponin increased over the 4 days (from a median of 157 ng/mL to 358 ng/mL). 36 (46%) of 78 patients were invasively ventilated and 65 (83%) needed vasoactive infusions; 57 (73%) received steroids, 59 (76%) received intravenous immunoglobulin, and 17 (22%) received biologic therapies. 28 (36%) had evidence of coronary artery abnormalities (18 aneurysms and ten echogenicity). Three children needed extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, and two children died.



INTERPRETATION: During the study period, the rate of PICU admissions for PIMS-TS was at least 11-fold higher than historical trends for similar inflammatory conditions. Clinical presentations and treatments varied. Coronary artery aneurysms appear to be an important complication. Although immediate survival is high, the long-term outcomes of children with PIMS-TS are unknown.




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